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Fogging and Misting Data Sheets

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Fog Applications

Dust Suppression
Greenhouse Cooling and Humidification
Process Cooling

About Fog Humidification

Additional Information

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Pumps and Nozzles Technical Specifications

IBEX Fog System Integrated pump and nozzle system
IBEX 1 Pump 1 US gpm/500 lbs/hr
IBEX 2 Pump 2 US gpm/1,000 lbs/hr
IBEX 3 Pump 3 US gpm/1,500 lbs/hr
IBEX 4 Pump 4 US gpm/2,000 lbs/hr
IBEX 5 Pump 5 US gpm/2,500 lbs/hr
IBEX 6 Pump 6 US gpm/3,000 lbs/hr
IBEX 8 Pump 8 US gpm/4,000 lbs/hr
IBEX 11 Pump 11 US gpm/5,500 lbs/hr
FOCUS 1.0 Pump 0.7 US gpm / 2.6 lpm
FOCUS 1.5 Pump 1.03 US gpm / 3.90 lpm
FOCUS 2.0 Pump 1.44 US gpm / 5.45 lpm
FOCUS 3.0 Pump 2.33 US gpm / 8.82 lpm
BIGHORN Pump Series 3 models supporting from 5-80 nozzles
BIGHORN 0.5 Pump 0.5 US gpm / 1.9 lpm
BIGHORN 1.0 Pump 1.0 US gpm / 3.8 lpm
BIGHORN 2.0 Pump 2.0 US gpm / 7.57 lpm
High Pressure Fogging Nozzles
Anti-drip nozzles support 1,000 psi / 70 bars pressure
FOCUS Cube Nozzle
Focused nozzle output with instant start/stop fogging
FOCUS Pod Nozzle
Focused nozzle output with fan and timer
ROC Nozzle with Stainless Steel Line
360 degree nozzle rotation with rugged stainless line
ROC Nozzle with Flex Line
360 degree nozzle rotation with flexible, UV resistant line
Reusable Hose Fittings
Brass fittings come in 3 sizes for use with flexible line
Nozzle Maintenance
Cleaning instructions to prevent nozzle blockage
Intelli-Zone Controller
Manage multiple zones with one pump
Vector Controller
Program for precise temperature and humidty control
Whisper Humidifier
Extremely quiet fan-assisted humidifier for high-volume cooling or humidity applications

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Data Sheets on Fog Humidification

Select a MicroCool product listed here to view its data sheet. Most of our data sheets can be found on this page. If you are unable to find the information you need, feel free to request it by filling out the form on this page. You can also use this form to ask about product customizations we may be able to offer to fit your unique needs.

MicroCool designs, manufactures, and supplies advanced evaporative cooling and humidification systems for various applications in commercial and industrial settings. We use innovative technology to provide energy-efficient solutions for cooling and humidifying indoor spaces. All of our systems are designed to optimize performance by:

  • Reducing energy consumption with adiabatic cooling
  • Improving indoor air quality by regulating moisture in the air
  • Decreasing equipment downtime by reducing static electricity

We also offer customizable solutions to meet specific client requirements. We have a team of designers that can help you design and implement the best high-pressure fogging system for your particular application. With that said, MicroCool provides ongoing support, maintenance, and training to ensure that our systems operate at their peak performance and efficiency level over time.

The MicroCool Advantage

The evaporative cooling effect is not all that MicroCool’s systems offer. The following benefits for industrial applications are also part of the package:

  • Customization: MicroCool offers humidification equipment that can be tailored to meet specific industrial requirements, including various air distribution options, humidity control options, and evaporative cooling options.
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality: A fog system can improve indoor air quality by adding humidity to the air, which can alleviate excessively dry air. A MicroCool fog humidification system offers dust suppression for woodshops and reducing static electricity for electronics manufacturers, improving overall air quality and production.
  • Reliability: Our systems are designed for continuous operation in harsh industrial environments and have been proven to provide consistent performance over time. They also operate quietly (unlike a humidifier that uses compressed air and requires a noisy compressor).
  • Advanced Control Systems: Our systems integrate with any controller to regulate the fog particles, ensuring that the environment is always at the desired humidity level.
  • Innovative Technology: We use innovative technology, such as reverse osmosis and patented nozzles, which produce very fine water particles that evaporate quickly and uniformly, providing highly effective humidification and cooling.
  • Ease of Maintenance: MicroCool’s systems are designed to be low maintenance, with system notifications and easy access to components for cleaning and replacement, which minimizes downtime and maintenance costs.

Get in Touch With Our Support Team for a Competitive Quote

Are you looking for an advanced dry fog humidification system to maintain the perfect temperature and humidity levels in your industrial facility? Consider installing a high-pressure fog system from MicroCool. Our state-of-the-art systems provide precise and uniform humidity control and cooling effects throughout your space, making them ideal for a wide range of industrial applications including:

  • Greenhouses and nurseries
  • Poultry and livestock farming
  • Textile manufacturing
  • Woodworking and furniture manufacturing
  • Food and beverage processing
  • Automotive manufacturing and painting
  • Printing and paper manufacturing
  • Aviation and aerospace manufacturing
  • Plastics and rubber manufacturing
  • Semiconductor manufacturing
  • Healthcare and hospitals
  • Museums, archives, and libraries (for the preservation of historical artifacts and documents)

In addition to around-the-clock climate control, MicroCool’s systems also offer additional benefits like dust suppression and evaporative cooling. They are easy to install and maintain, with ongoing support and maintenance available from our team.

Don’t let the atmosphere at your facility affect the health and productivity of your workforce or the quality of your product. Contact us today to learn more about our high-pressure fog humidification systems and take the first step towards a more productive indoor environment. To learn more, give us a call at 1-800-322-4364 or contact us online.