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FOCUS For Precise Humidity Control

While the MicroCool IBEX fogging system is ideal for a majority of conventional humidification applications, MicroCool product managers realized that there were small spaces and critical applications requiring specialized humidification – and in 2012 the MicroCool FOCUS system was born. A product of our more than 30 years’ experience designing breakthrough humidification systems, the FOCUS system is a revolutionary new concept in fogging systems for these specialized needs.

FOCUS on Directed Humidification

The specialized FOCUS humidity control equipment operates differently from conventional systems. Each nozzle has a solenoid built into the housing that controls the operation of the nozzle. This factor alone eliminates the risk of dripping and draining nozzles in the location. The FOCUS X CELL and FOCUS POD nozzles are connected to a high-pressure manifold line running from, and back to, the pump unit. The specialty FOCUS pumps maintain a fixed pressure of 1000 psi/70 Bar in the manifold line so that when the nozzle solenoids open at the nozzles, that pressure is immediately present.

Having powerful pressure always available at the nozzles is a significant advantage in itself. But that’s just one of the many significant features of the FOCUS fogging solution. To maintain hygienic quality of the water, the system water supply is circulated back through a UV light for sterilization. FOCUS systems only operate with Reverse Osmosis water, ensuring that all the minerals, bacteria and viruses are removed from the system. Protective safety features like automatic drains and service reminders for oil change and UV bulb replacement are built in. And an optional single-zone controller for humidity and temperature can easily be added, making it a complete standalone unit.


There are five pump modules available, depending on application needs: four ground standing units and the wall-mounted HUMMINGBIRD pump – all with built-in advanced control features. FOCUS pumps can deliver from 40 to 1200 lb/hr (18 to 545 kg/hr) through POD or CUBE nozzles mounted on the main line. FOCUS pumps are packed with advanced MicroCool technology continuously delivering economical, long life performance. Each pump features a programmable drain sequence so that only the correct amount of water is recirculated for sterilization each day.

The HUMMINGBIRD pump unit is a new development for small humidification systems up to 200 lb/hr. (91 kg/hr.). This unique pump is a completely self-contained, wall-mounted unit that saves space, energy and time. Within the steel cabinet are the filters, the controller and pump unit for simple plug-and-play operation. A handy eye-level display allows the user to read and change settings when required. Integrated humidity and temperature control are an optional extra, making this unit a simple, one-step piece of humidity control equipment. HUMMINGBIRD systems only run on reverse osmosis water for hygienic safety.

  • Variable speed drive — A variable speed motor allows the pump to softly start and operate depending on the demand from the system.
  • Panel-Mounted Display — Users can view and program all operations from a single panel.
  • Easy-Access Filters — Sediment and carbon block filters are mounted on the pump frame.
  • Included UV Light — Sterilizes the water on bypass and operates as a secondary screen for water contaminates.
  • Optional Controls — Optional temperature and humidity control with sensors is available for a single control zone.
  • Built to 508A UL standard — Safety, reliability.
  • Remote switch — Ties into external sensors, BMS systems (analog) and climate control systems
  • Drain valve — using a PLC controller, the valve opens just enough to release the pressure, saving valuable water usage
  • Powder-Coated Steel Frame — Strong, long-lasting durability.
  • 1-year warranty — Backed by responsive MicroCool service.

FOCUS POD and CELL nozzles

Each FOCUS nozzle has a built-in solenoid for immediate operation and shut down of the fog cloud. This eliminates the potential for drips and drainage associated with other systems. FOCUS nozzles can be installed on the manifold line wherever needed. A versatile array of nozzle orifice sizes and the ability to select one, two or three nozzles per unit provides unrivaled flexibility. Because each nozzle contains an individual solenoid, multiple control zones can be used on each pump unit, allowing the HVAC specialist to focus the humidity exactly where required.

The FOCUS POD provides even more versatility, featuring a fan and timer to propel the fog further into spaces where there is little or no air movement. The timer allows each nozzle to be set individually, giving the user multiple choices for operation.

  • Stainless Steel Nozzles — Resist corrosion and provide long life expectancy
  • Unique Mounting — A universal adjustable mounting bracket allows easy installation and direction of the nozzle
  • Easy Installation — Includes all fittings and a quick-connect feature
  • Timer — Adjustable cycle timer for each POD nozzle
  • Made in the USA — Quality, reliability

Precision Systems for Humidity Control

Achieve optimal climate control with MicroCool’s precision humidification systems.

Precise humidity control systems are critical for manufacturing processes, particularly those that involve the production of sensitive products or components. Humidity can impact the quality, consistency, and safety of materials and products, and even slight variations in humidity levels can lead to significant variations in the end result. In industries such as pharmaceuticals, electronics, and aerospace, maintaining relative humidity levels is crucial to ensuring product integrity and safety.

MicroCool’s FOCUS humidification systems allow manufacturers to regulate humidity levels within a narrow range. This can help:

  • Reduce the risk of product defects
  • Increase efficiency
  • Ensure regulatory compliance

Importance of Humidity and Moisture Control in Industrial Settings

By investing in our sophisticated humidification systems, manufacturers can improve product quality, reduce waste, and enhance their overall production process. Here are a few examples of facilities that could benefit from the FOCUS system:

Data Centers

Climate control is crucial in data centers for many reasons. Excessive humidity or indoor moisture can cause corrosion, equipment failure, and damage to data storage systems, resulting in significant downtime and financial losses. Maintaining a proper cooling and heating system along with appropriate humid air levels is critical to ensuring optimal performance and reliability of IT equipment.

Not to mention, more moisture in the air also means an increase in static electricity, which can lead to system malfunctions and data loss.

Additionally, proper moisture control can prevent the growth of mold and bacteria. These two are known to negatively affect the air conditioning and cold air circulation within data centers, potentially leading to equipment overheating and health issues for personnel. MicroCool’s FOCUS systems not only prevent equipment damage, but also ensure a safe and healthy environment.

Cannabis Grow Houses

Cannabis grow facilities need precise climate control to support consistent growing conditions, which helps to optimize plant growth and yield. High humidity levels result in excess moisture buildup on plant surfaces, which causes mold and mildew growth. On the other hand, low humidity levels can lead to plant dehydration and slow growth.

MicroCool’s FOCUS humidifiers allow consistent moisture control which helps regulate the three critical factors in cannabis growth: temperature, air circulation, and light distribution. If you’re looking to maximize your yield and prevent plant damage, our systems can help.

Clean Rooms and Laboratories

Humidity and moisture control are critical in clean rooms and labs in the pharmaceutical industry to maintain product quality, meet regulatory standards, and ensure safety. Contamination caused by excess moisture can compromise the efficacy and safety of medicinal products, potentially leading to serious health risks.

MicroCool’s humidifiers remove excess moisture from the environment to prevent any damage to sensitive equipment. As a result, the shelf life of the equipment is increased and you get consistency in your end products. Our systems also help maintain optimal humidity levels to prevent microbial growth, which can lead to contamination and product spoilage.

Warehouses and Storage Facilities

Humidity control is essential in industrial warehouses and storage facilities, especially those with wood floors or exhaust fans. Without it, product damage can become rampant, and working conditions can suffer as well.

Excess humidity or excess moisture in the air results in product spoilage, corrosion, and material degradation (as moisture condenses). In contrast, low humidity levels can cause product shrinkage, cracking, and other damage.

MicroCool’s industrial humidifiers not only protect your products and equipment, but also improve working conditions. Proper humidity control minimizes the risk of mold and mildew growth and increases indoor air quality. From sensitive equipment to end products, MicroCool can optimize every area of your storage facility, ultimately contributing to higher profitability.

Have Questions? Our Dedicated Team Is Here to Help You

If you’re looking for a reliable and cost-effective solution for precise indoor humidity levels, MicroCool’s FOCUS system is the perfect solution. The FOCUS system utilizes advanced technology to monitor and control humidity levels, providing optimal conditions for your operations. With its energy-efficient design, the FOCUS system can help you save on energy costs while ensuring consistent and precise humidity control.

Whether you need humidity control for a clean room, data center, cannabis grow house, or industrial warehouse, the FOCUS system can help you:

  • Maintain product quality
  • Prevent damage
  • Optimize operational efficiency

Don’t let cold weather, dry air, or humid climates affect your business – contact MicroCool today to learn more about the FOCUS system and how it can benefit your operations.