MicroCool's Industrial Humidification Systems

Precise industrial humidity control is a must in a wide variety of industries, and in our three-plus decades of expertise, we have become experts in meeting the specialized needs of virtually every one of them. Whether your application calls for open-space, in-duct or individual room humidification, there’s a MicroCool solution that is made to order.

MicroCool delivers everything you need in a state-of-the-art industrial humidification system.

Adding humidity – and being able to precisely control it – is vital to a wide variety of industrial applications.

To meet the specialized needs of virtually every industry, we here at MicroCool offer a range of customized industrial humidifier solutions. Whether you need open-space humidification via our high-efficiency, specialized evaporative coolers or something else, we’ve got you covered. Industrial humidifier solutions from MicroCool are specifically designed to deliver proper levels of humidity at each zone throughout an entire building by means of applying humidity directly to a space with a nozzle humidifier.

We can help you choose from our great options of in-space industrial humidifiers available through our website. MicroCool’s state-of-the-art engineering team has over four decades of experience that will lead to the perfect fit for you or your business.

A MicroCool Industrial Humidifier Can:

  1. Reduce static electricity

    This is crucial in situations where dust is present as it can cause explosions. It’s also important around any electronic equipment that could short out or fail. Keeping your air free of high static levels is a major hedge against a hazardous workplace and could possibly prevent devastating accidents.

  2. Reduce Air Contaminants

    MicroCool offers industrial humidifiers that are equipped with our patented FOCUS pump. This pump purges and recirculates water every 24 hours, ensuring that your air has fewer contaminants as your space is humidified.

  3. Product Quality Control

    By using an industrial humidifier, you can maintain product quality by preventing cracks in dry-packaged products or spoilage of agricultural products. Higher quality products produce higher margins and better customer satisfaction.

  4. Increase Productivity

    A higher humidity level can increase industrial productivity by reducing machine downtime. This leads to tremendous savings over time when you look at the scope of labor and machine repair. Clean, well-functioning machines will produce more and produce faster. We can help with our high-quality industrial humidification systems.

  5. Prevent Mold Growth

    Mold thrives in moist environments. Controlling the humidity levels can help maintain an ideal temperature that’s properly humid, but not so humid that it creates mold. Mold is hard to get rid of once it’s there, so prevention is key, especially in an industrial setting.

Precision, Value, and Quality Industrial Humidifier Solutions From MicroCool

Our team will make sure your system is precise and powerful, without any wasted energy. Our FOCUS nozzle placement makes it easy for you to cover every corner of your space with easily formable hydraulic tubing. This means that we can adapt your industrial humidifier to fit the exact specifications you need, without a lot of time or extra expenses. Find out more about all of the great industrial humidifier solutions we can offer you, and contact us here or call us at 760-322-1111 if you have any questions.

Why Choose MicroCool for Your Industrial Humidifier

There’s a reason why MicroCool is the industry standard for industrial humidifier solutions. With an easy-to-use interface and optional zoning system, you can control individual zones or even change nozzle direction depending on where it will do the most good. This is an industry-leading standard that MicroCool is proud to offer in our air purifier and humidification products.

To get the most accurate temperature and humidity control, MicroCool’s industrial systems are designed to work exclusively with our nozzles. You can also adapt them for outside control and BMS system requirements, too. Our systems are precise, efficient, cost-effective, and backed by 40 years of expertise in the field.

MicroCool is the leading provider of industrial humidification systems. Unlike conventional solutions that operate from a single point, MicroCool’s grid-like system consists of evenly distributed nozzles throughout your space so it’s always kept at an optimum level with uniform humidity everywhere. We’ve got the most accurate nozzles available on the market today, and we stand by the quality and service that backs them up.

Decidedly Better Distribution

Maintaining uniform humidity levels is a breeze with MicroCool’s industrial humidification systems. Unlike conventional industrial humidity control systems that operate from a single point, your MicroCool system consist of a grid of nozzles, evenly distributed throughout the space.

Our expert design team determines the accurate number and positioning of nozzles for optimal performance. MicroCool’s unique FOCUS nozzles are connected together using specialized hydraulic tubing that can be easily formed and shaped to follow the contours of the rooms. Because the nozzles are economical to install, they can be dispersed wherever you need them – and you can easily expand coverage as your needs require.

Lower Cost From Day One

From installation to day-to-day operation, to low maintenance and long life, a MicroCool humidification system is the cost-effective choice. With MicroCool, you can have the very latest industrial humidification technology and performance and bottom-line savings.

60% lower capital cost

Cutting-edge MicroCool high-pressure water fog is less expensive to install than conventional steam, electrode steam and air/water systems. In fact, MicroCool systems can be owner installed.

Up to 90% lower operating cost

MicroCool fog systems don’t require a compressor, cutting energy use by as much as 70%. Variable-speed pump units automatically match speed to demand, slashing energy and water usage. For large-scale humidification, the MicroCool ROC system can deliver up to 5,000 lbs. (12,000 kg) per hour from a single pump.

Long life

Reverse osmosis systems can be economically integrated to remove minerals from the water, eliminating “dusting” (white calcium deposits) and greatly enhancing nozzle life.

Less maintenance

MicroCool pump systems have electronic and hydraulic safeguards to prevent damage or faults in the system.