Dairy Cow and Cattle Cooling

Adiabatic cooling can help cows by reducing the air temperature and increasing the humidity of the air surrounding them. It’s a process in which water flash evaporates in the air, causing the air to become cooler. When this cool air is directed over the cows, it can help to reduce heat stress and improve their comfort.

In a dairy barn, adiabatic cooling can be achieved through the use of MicroCool’s misting systems, which release a fine mist of water into the air. The water droplets evaporate as they come into contact with the warm air, cooling it down. The cooled air is then directed over the cows, helping to reduce their internal body temperature and keep them safe from solar radiation.

Benefits of MicroCool’s Livestock Cooling Technology

Livestock cooling is an important aspect of animal husbandry that involves regulating the temperature and environment of farm animals. While many people may think of cooling cows as a luxury or an unnecessary expense, it actually plays a vital role in ensuring the health and productivity of livestock. In this context, there are three major benefits of MicroCool’s cattle cooling systems that are worth exploring:

  • Improved Animal Welfare: Our cow cooling systems help to reduce heat stress effects and prevent health problems in animals, which can improve their overall welfare and reduce the risk of mortality.
  • Increased Productivity: Livestock that are kept cool are less likely to experience a decline in feed intake and milk yield, resulting in higher yields and greater profitability for farmers.
  • Reduced Environmental Impact: By keeping your animals cool, you can reduce your farm’s energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, which can help to mitigate the environmental impact of the industry.

Adverse Effects of Heat Stress on Dairy Cows

With the temperature humidity index (THI) rising, the resulting heat stress can have a significant

impact on the health and productivity of dairy cows:

Reduced Feed Intake

Heat-stressed cows eat less for several reasons. High temperatures cause cows to experience a diminished appetite, leading to a reduction in feed intake. This thermal stress also causes animals to reduce their activity levels, further decreasing their feed intake. The result is lower milk production, ultimately impacting the profitability of dairy operations.

Decreased Milk Production

Not only do heat-stressed cows produce less milk, but that milk may also be of lower quality, with lower protein and fat content.

Increased Risk of Health Problems

When cows are exposed to high temperatures, they can become dehydrated and lose important electrolytes like sodium and potassium, which can lead to muscle weakness, fatigue, and even death. Heat-stressed cows may also experience respiratory distress, lameness, and reduced immune function, making them more vulnerable to infectious diseases.

Reduced Reproductive Performance

Cows under heat stress notably eat less and it can lead to a reduction in body weight and overall health, making it more difficult for them to conceive and maintain pregnancies. Also, high body temperatures can cause changes in hormone levels and metabolism which is linked to decreased fertility, longer calving intervals, and fewer pregnancies.

Decreased Overall Health and Performance

Heat stress can cause discomfort, dehydration, and exhaustion in cows, which can impact their overall welfare and quality of life.

Maximize Your Dairy Farm’s Productivity with Our Evaporative Cooling Systems

Whether you’re in the process of building a dairy barn or you already have one, it’s never too late to incorporate an automated cooling system for the cows. As discussed above, elevated heat can be brutal on lactating cows and negatively impact every aspect of your operations – from animals’ health to milk production. That’s why providing an effective temperature control system is vital to maintaining optimal conditions for cows.

The MicroCool team designs customized cooling systems for your barn. We strategically place misters to work in accordance with existing fans and ventilation systems to combat intense heat conditions. Our sophisticated systems entwine with air circulation while creating a cooling effect by releasing a fine mist of water into the air. When used together, these systems significantly reduce the temperature even if there’s a heat wave outside.

Free Stall Barn Cooling Systems

If you operate a free stall dairy farm in a southwestern state like Texas, Kansas, or California, you probably struggle with maintaining cow comfort and productivity during summer. Due to the extended periods of extreme daytime heat – with temperatures easily climbing above 90 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit – dairy barns in these states must be equipped with reliable evaporative cooling systems to prevent heat stress in cows. MicroCool’s high-pressure fogging systems support several free-stall barns throughout the country in providing relief from the heat.

Prevent Disease By Keeping Your Cattle Cool and Dry

The problem with conventional cooling systems – like misters and sprinkler systems – is that they often leave the cows and their surrounding environment dripping wet. This excess moisture can create a damp and humid environment that promotes the growth of harmful bacteria and fungi. Wet bedding can lead to foot diseases such as foot rot and digital dermatitis, and respiratory illnesses like pneumonia. Not to mention, wet conditions can damage the structural integrity of buildings and equipment, causing long-term damage to the farm.

MicroCool’s patented cooling systems have eliminated this issue altogether. Our fog nozzles have microscopic 0.02 mm (0.008 inches) orifices which create such a super fine mist that it evaporates before even hitting the ground. So, while the air is cooled almost instantaneously, no water residue is ever left behind. Your cows and their bedding are kept dry and comfortable year-round.

How MicroCool’s Advanced Cooling Systems Have Optimized Productivity and Profitability for Dairy Farms

In working with cow barns and farms across the country, we have been able to solve various challenges often faced by our clients using our state-of-the-art cooling and humidification systems. Here is a list of problems dairy farmers come to us with, and the solutions we offer:


MicroCool and J&D Manufacturing Partner to Transform Dairy Farming with Innovative Evaporative Cooling Systems

Thousand Palms, CA – (6/7/2023) – MicroCool, a leading provider of state-of-the-art industrial high pressure water fogging systems, and J&D Manufacturing, a renowned manufacturer of high-quality ventilation and agricultural equipment, are thrilled to announce their strategic partnership. Together, they aim to revolutionize animal health and production in the dairy farming industry through the introduction of innovative evaporative cooling systems.

Dairy farming plays a crucial role in ensuring a sustainable and reliable food supply chain. However, the well-being and productivity of dairy cows are directly influenced by environmental conditions. To address this challenge, MicroCool and J&D Manufacturing have joined forces to introduce cutting-edge evaporative cooling systems specifically designed for dairy farms.With over four decades of industry experience, MicroCool is trusted by various sectors for their reliable industrial systems. Their expertise in high-pressure water systems for adiabatic cooling brings a wealth of knowledge and innovation to the partnership. MicroCool’ s custom-designed solutions cater to the unique needs of each client, ensuring optimal performance and energy efficiency.

J&D Manufacturing, known for their excellence in manufacturing ventilation and agricultural equipment, brings their expertise in designing and engineering cutting-edge products to the collaboration. Together, MicroCool and J&D Manufacturing will develop and offer evaporative cooling systems tailored to dairy farming operations, promoting animal welfare, enhancing productivity, and improving overall farm profitability.

MicroCool’ s industrial high pressure fogging systems evaporate water quickly providing precise control over temperature and humidity levels, creating a stable and comfortable environment for dairy cows. By maintaining optimal temperature inside dairy barns, these systems help minimize heat stress, improve milk production, and reduce the risk of health issues among the animals.

“We are excited about the possibilities that our partnership with J&D Manufacturing brings,” said Adam Murphy, Sales Director for MicroCool. “By combining our expertise in industrial high pressure fogging systems with J&D Manufacturing’s prowess in agricultural ventilation equipment, we aim to transform the dairy farming industry, ensuring healthier animals and higher productivity.”

The partnership between MicroCool and J&D Manufacturing represents a significant step towards revolutionizing animal health and production in the dairy farming sector. Their collaborative efforts will introduce advanced evaporative cooling systems that create optimal conditions for dairy cows, ultimately contributing to a more sustainable and efficient dairy farming industry.

For additional details regarding MicroCool’s industrial cooling systems and the partnership with J&D Manufacturing, please visit microcool.com or contact us directly at 760-322-1111.

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MicroCool is a leading provider of cutting-edge industrial humidification and cooling systems. With over four decades of experience, MicroCool delivers tailored solutions for a wide range of industrial applications, offering precise control over temperature and humidity levels to create optimal environments for productivity.

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J&D Manufacturing is a renowned manufacturer of high-quality agricultural equipment, specializing in the design and engineering of innovative solutions for the farming industry. With a commitment to excellence, J&D Manufacturing provides reliable and efficient equipment to enhance productivity and animal welfare.

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