Cannabis Greenhouse Humidification Solutions

Customer Story: MicroCool Fog System at a Propagation Greenhouse

Read the inspiration behind installing a MicroCool fog humidification system at a propagation greenhouse as told by Roger McGaughey, Head Grower, Pioneer Gardens. Keeping the environment just right in terms of temperature and moisture for cuttings is crucial. Not only does the humidity level need to be consistent, but the cuttings and soil, or medium, […]

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Commercial Dust Control Misting Systems

Humidification: The Static Eliminator

Static electricity becomes a problem in many industries when the relative humidity is low.  In temperate climates, this drop occurs seasonally, generally in the autumn and winter when heaters are turned on indoors.  However, in arid climates, this can be a year-round problem. Eliminating the build-up of static electricity in manufacturing environments can be achieved

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Industrial Dust Control Misting Systems

5 Ways To Improve Process Cooling

Getting the most out of your environmental controls Industrial cooling systems can be clunky and inefficient, thus inherently costly.  With increasing government regulation, wildly fluctuating energy prices, and ecological impacts to consider, providing effective cooling solutions for industrial facilities can really eat into a company’s bottom line.  In addition, when weighed against the need for

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greenhouse fogging system

SoHo Yoga: a MicroCool case study

South Bay Hot Yoga, or SoHo Yoga, is the only studio in the Los Angeles area to offer both heated and traditional yoga classes.  This offering is driven by their “belief that yoga truly is for everyone at every level of physical fitness.” Located in Los Angeles’ trendy oceanfront community, Hermosa Beach, SoHo Yoga is

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