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Industrial cooling systems can be clunky and inefficient, thus inherently costly.  With increasing government regulation, wildly fluctuating energy prices, and ecological impacts to consider, providing effective cooling solutions for industrial facilities can really eat into a company’s bottom line.  In addition, when weighed against the need for precision environmental control, these concerns become even more consequential. In this article, we’ll take a look at five ways MicroCool is improving process cooling to increase efficiency, lower costs, and more effectively provide the precision environmental control many industries require.


Humidification systems employ a process whereby a fan blows currents of air over sprays of vaporized water, resulting in cooler, humidified air.  This process ultimately uses less energy than a closed refrigerant system, and eliminates a great deal of environmental issues (dust, static electricity, odor) that plague certain industries. Over the years, MicroCool has perfected a number of improvements in the humidification process to allow for better distribution, precision control, improved air quality, and less required maintenance.

Flash evaporation

Many process cooling systems use air to cool their condenser coils.  Air-cooling is extremely inefficient and causes the equipment to work harder, resulting in higher costs. The MicroCool C3 system for cooling condenser coils puts fog nozzles in front of the coil. Flash evaporation of the water in the air extracts heat and lowers temperature by up to 30°F (18°C). Industries across the globe turn to us for the advanced process cooling solutions they need to maximize the efficiency, reliability and long life of their manufacturing processes.


Inefficient cooling systems use more electricity and water, essentially accomplishing less with more.  Both of these result in higher costs and greater environmental impact. MicroCool does more with less.  A single MicroCool patented nozzle used in our systems produces cooling that is equivalent to about one ton of air conditioning.  Add to that, the MicroCool C3 condenser coil cooling system uses significantly less water compared to spray and pad systems, and a fraction of the water used for cooling towers.  All of this results in significantly lower operating costs.

Smaller is better

Conventional low-pressure systems create larger, heavier droplets of water that drop to the ground, wetting people and surroundings, and produce minimal cooling. MicroCool systems use high-pressure nozzles that create ultra-fine mist droplets (10 microns or smaller).  These droplets flash evaporate cooling the air almost instantly.


A well designed process cooling system that can accomplish more than just lower temperatures, but that can actually improve air quality, is worth its weight in gold. Good air quality is paramount in any industry. Cleaner air creates a safer work environment, and helps to meet regulatory requirements. MicroCool technologies for dust suppression and odor control help to protect your employees and protect your business against costly environmental citations, and they’re built right into our cooling systems. Want to learn more about how MicroCool can meet your process cooling needs?

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