Using Fog: Propagation Greenhouse

Atomized Fog Technology for Humidity control

Fog For Commercial Propagation

Commercial Propagation Greenhouses can benefit from use of fog. Some of the plant stages that can benefit from high humidity fog are germination, seedling, weaning stages as well as storage for hardier tree cuttings. Our systems are able to deliver constant humidity to create an environment that is perfect for these stages of the plant lifecycle in commercial production. Our misting systems for plant propagation can meet your humidity set point.

Plant Propagation Equipment

Many commercial greenhouses will keep a fog or misting system running continuously except at night to obtain high humidity levels in the greenhouse. A rugged, industrial-strength system is required to obtain the levels of humidity needed for propagation seeds, tree cuttings or for germination. Additionally, they may be required to run continuously for as much as 18 hours a day. Lower grade or off the shelf solutions may not provide enough humidity, capacity or have the longevity to take this kind of high use.

See the MicroCool system in action.

Do you need to optimize growing conditions across the plant lifecycle?

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