Customer Success: Quiet Fog For University Greenhouse

Greenhouse Climate Control

If Fog Is Released In A Greenhouse And No One Is Around…

A recent installation of our IBEX pump in one of CU Boulder’s Greenhouses really brought home to us our customers’ appreciation of just how quiet MicroCool fog pumps are compared to others available.

“The new fog system is fantastic!!!  Much less noise than before.” -Tess Additon

Before After MicroCool Fog Pump Misting

Recently, Tom Piini from MicroGrow worked with Tess Additon, Greenhouse Manager in the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Department at the University of Colorado, Boulder, to replace an older pump from another manufacturer. Tess was excited to share her feedback when she shot Tom Piini a follow up email, “The new fog system is fantastic!!! Much less noise than before. I even left it on the last two nights while I wasn’t at work and I was never able to do that with the old pump.”

MicroCool specialized controls utilize only as much capacity as needed to meet the required humidity level, making our pumps extremely quiet.

Tess says (on behalf of her plants), “Our plants are happier already and they thank you very much.”

We love happy plants!

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