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Considerations for Large Commercial Humidifier Systems

A range of factors that should be evaluated when researching large humidification systems for production and manufacturing spaces. Use the guide below when choosing a large commercial humidifier that will meet your needs for several years. Understanding the dynamics of the space and how the system will humidify are crucial when deciding which system suits the needs of each facility and product.

Large Humidifier System Checklist: Manufacturing & Production Spaces

  • Testing, Safety, Standards. What standards are in place during the production process. What types of components are used, tested, meeting stringent and best practice industry standards. Do they meet criteria used for UL, NSF, ANSI.
  • Sizing. Many mobile units can’t meet the humidity requirement of a space. Choosing a system that is sized and designed correctly, based on the particular needs and dynamics of that facility must be considered. Off the shelf solutions may not meet the needs and many times either over or under deliver humidity requirements. Correctly analyzing the space dynamics can help identify the equipment’s capacity.
  • Costs. Upfront and long-term costs must be evaluated. What may seem like a cheaper system on the front end will end up costing more time and money for years and without end down the road. Factors like heavier preventive maintenance routines, costly and frequent replacement parts.
  • Ease of installation, flexibility of system. Can the system be reconfigured should the facility expand or change footprint? Can a certain area be turned on or off (zoning). Can the large humidifier system be plugged into and controlled with the building BMS system or does the manufacturer provide easy controls for less sophisticated facilities.
  • Local Voltage & Amperage Codes.  Will the system meet local electrical codes and standards and supported by the facility’s electrical design.
  • On-going support. Does the manufacturer or distributor offer support to customers for troubleshooting,

Low Humidity Problems: Industrial

Finding the right large indoor humidifier for your production space will help solve many problems in today’s industrial production environments. Whether facing issues with winter static, machinery faults leading to downtime, low humidity’s effect on raw, composite or plastic materials, adhesives or drying times–low indoor humidity can lead to serious problems in production.

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Let’s look at these guidelines for buyers of these large humidifier systems in more detail.

Safety Of Humidifier: Large Industrial Spaces

Reputable manufacturers hold safety, quality and consistency in high regard. These standards are evaluated in an ongoing manner around safe practices. Not every large humidifier system can provide this level of quality and consistency. Many facilities, especially publicly-owned, must use equipment built with these standards for insurance purposes. Does the system meet UL (electrical) safety standards, NSF and ANSI standards (to name a few)?

Sizing Large Humidification Systems

Properly humidifying a space depends on many dynamic factors such as total volume, air exchange, workers in the space. In addition, identifying headroom, the amount of clear space, above equipment and below the building joists and structural steel, equipment and processes that may give off heat. Will the system meet the demands of the space and provide what is needed without wasting energy or resources?

Costs: Add Humidity To Large Spaces

Are you paying for costs upfront or ongoing? Many manufacturers lure customers with lower upfront costs in order to gain a sale and customer. But what the customer may not understand is the ongoing maintenance, repair and replacement costs for components and parts. Additionally, costs associated with energy consumption and resources can add up over the life of the system.

MicroCool: Specialists Who Solve Low Humidity-Related Problems 

A MicroCool large humidifier system is built to solve your production problems. How? We examine use of space, materials, processes and human factors along with external ambient conditions to create a system that solves your production problems. We combine our expertise, experience and flexible, superior system to build a humidity solution that you’ll love for many years to come!

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