Winter is Coming (And it does year after year)

Circuit Board Static - Commercial Humidification

How will you handle low humidity this winter season? 

Depending where you live, temperatures drop steadily in the fall and especially in the winter. Industrial and commercial operations compensate by turning on the heat and suddenly indoor conditions turn from chilly to warm—but very, very dry. Now the environment challenge faced is not cold but dry production conditions. In locations such as Southern California, this dryness can be exponential given that not only does the heat get turned on but the Santa Ana winds add to low humidity.

Static electricity created when humidity drops

Everyone is familiar with the sensation of touching a metal doorknob when a charge has built up in your body. That sudden discharge of energy is called static electricity. When humidity levels fall below 45 percent, static electricity becomes an issue. It causes paper and plastic to stick to one another and attracts dust to electronics like computers. Being shocked is a mild annoyance but the discharge can severely damage electronics, ignite a flammable substance, or create additional problems within your operation.

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Low humidity impacts production and manufacturing

Low indoor humidity negatively impacts a number of industries such as plastics, electronics and semiconductors, digital printing, paper and packaging, hatcheries and many others. Each industry faces specific problems when the humidity drops such as improper drying of inks and fiberglass, warping of wood, dry paper jamming printers. Adding the right amount of humidity based on a thorough analysis of the space along with controlling the amount through temperature and humidity sensors are key to providing a consistent humidity level.

MicroCool adds precision humidity to highly demanding environments

To counteract static electricity and low humidity levels, MicroCool offers state-of-the-art, in-space, precision humidity control. Our systems of pumps, nozzles and temperature and humidity controllers provide you complete flexibility and precise control. Tailor humidity levels, create zones and dispense humidity with a system that conserves both water and energy releasing just what is needed to meet a humidity set-point.

With 35+ years in humidification, we’ve helped solve problems for our customers using MicroCool’s line of superior design and engineered products along with experience across a diverse range of industries. Learn how MicroCool can help your business. Please call us at 760-322-1111 to speak with an expert today or receive our newsletter to keep in touch.

Winter Humidification   |   MicroCool FOCUS System   |   Download Case Study  |   Video

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