Industrial Humidifiers For Canada

Industrial humidifier systems are important for production environments in Canada to combat indoor dry conditions in winter. Smaller, portable, temporary or localized additive humidity solutions, such as ultrasonic, often fall short. While these systems are less expensive and are often efficient, they seldom provide a solution that will keep up with the never-ending use of Winter’s heated air inside buildings, plants, workspaces and warehouses. Use of properly sized, industrial humidification systems combat low-humidity environments. They offer reliable conditions for your business and materials to thrive without downtime.

Sizing Humidification Systems for Canada

First, the size must be sufficiently large. Not only does this mean that the physical equipment will provide an even distribution of, in MicroCool\’s case, an evaporative fog across the floor area of a desired space. What must be analyzed further is whether the equipment provides enough humidity to essentially \’fill\’ the 3-dimensional air volume within the room or environment. How much humidification is released into the space? Will this be enough to provide the desired level of humidity? Will it release too much thereby causing any form of condensate.

All of these elements must be analyzed and the equipment, components, temperature, air and cubic space must be considered. Only then can you provide a properly sized system. That system must not only get the job done but not over-deliver humidity levels.

Our fog humidification experts will provide a free quote along with free design on your final order that meet the needs of each industrial space. They’ll work with you on controlling humidity levels of the system within your space. A humidity sensor, hygrometer, is utilized along with your controls or ours so that ‘just enough’ fog is added to maintain specified humidity levels.

Humidity Systems for Canada: C-UL Designation

Additionally, the equipment itself needs to qualify for safety standards. Systems that qualify for C-UL US 508a Listed Control Panel status have passed a level of standardized production safety procedures that qualify for this designation. With regular inspections, manufacturers must meet a level of process consistency in the manufacturing of electrical panels for the 508a Listed status.

UL status not only connotes quality but is something that many businesses and municipalities find necessary to comply with individual insurance policies & public space standards. Using large capacity humidity systems and electrical control panels that have safety standards just makes sense for most companies that are interested in longevity and the safety of workspace and workers.

Large Humidity System: Canada Electrical Specs

But how to ensure that the industrial humidity system will meet the electrical grid requirement of those used in Canada?

Each MicroCool system is built to the customer’s specifications. We have a solid 40-year track record of building systems used worldwide and can meet nearly all electrical voltage specs for countries around the world up to 600 volts per motor. Utilizing the same equipment, we custom-build MicroCool humidifier pumps, panels and related equipment to meet the 575-voltage required by most commercial and industrial customers in the Canadian market.

Shipping to Canada: Industrial Humidity Systems

MicroCool has been distributing cooling & humidity systems worldwide for the last 35+ of our 40 years in business. We’ve been lauded by the US Department of Commerce, Federal and California State congressional governing bodies for our commitment and expertise to the export market and our work with the local export council. We look after every delivery to assure Canadian customers that their MicroCool industrial humidity system arrives in good condition and the least amount of work on the part of our customers.

Exporting systems can be a daunting endeavor. We ensure that your system makes it from our facility in Southern California to all locations within Canada and to our neighbors to the North! Our experience means that we look out for all of our customers and the systems we provide until they reach their destination.

Industrial Humidifier Solution: Built for Canada

Each MicroCool system is built to the customer’s specifications. Each pump is sized to provide sufficient ‘fog’ humidification for the industrial or commercial purpose and space. We utilize systems that meet the demand of each plant or facility’s humidity needs, whether that is indoors or mixed indoor-outdoor environment (in the case of Greenhouse systems or a waste transfer facility, for example).

Our two unique systems, the MicroCool IBEX and MicroCool FOCUS are purpose built. Whether you are looking for the precision and fine-tuned application of humidity for your indoor workspace and need MicroCool’s highly unique FOCUS humidity system. Or if you need the industrial, large capacity output and rugged features of the MicroCool IBEX humidification system.

MicroCool systems are available for custom manufacture, export and shipment to the Canadian market including all electrical voltages and C-UL US 508a Listed Control Panel standards. Systems are available for shipment to all ten provinces and three territories of Canada. Ongoing, live telephone technical support available to our Canadian Customers.

Can we provide a free quote on a humidification solution for your Canadian facility? Let our experts help you–give us a call today!

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