Humidifiers for Industrial Applications

industrial humidifier applications

Which types of production environments and applications need industrial humidifiers? It may not be obvious when problems first arise but many industrial applications require humidifiers so that humidity is added into a space to create optimal conditions. Industrial humidifiers offset dry or low humidity (Rh) conditions in the surrounding space to ensure quality end products, materials and as a preventive measure for machinery.

Industrial Applications Requiring Consistent Humidity

Low humidity can affect manufacturing and production processes and require adding industrial quality humidifiers or humidification systems to ease these problems. Industrial environments that can benefit from industrial humidifiers can be quite varied and diverse. 

Here is a short list of applications that utilize industrial humidifiers:

  • Printing
  • Packaging
  • Electronics, Semi-Conductors Manufacturing
  • Printed Circuit Board and Surface Mount (SMT) Manufacturing
  • Food Processing and Production
  • Textiles
  • Woodworking
  • Medical Devices
  • Plastics and Films
  • Composite Materials
  • Paper, Pulp and Organic Materials
  • Greenhouses & Propagation Rooms, Indoor Growing Environments

Add Humidity For Films to Reduce Static

Low Humidity: Industrial Production

The problems encountered in industrial production can be very specific to that application or can affect many industries.

Examples of production problems related to low humidity that require industrial humidifiers include:

  • Static affecting materials
  • Drying, curing and fusing
  • Improper application of coatings, glues, adhesives, paints, inks
  • Machinery static
  • Raw materials dimensional stability
  • Static created between machinery and substrates
  • Jamming, sticking, machinery shutdown and overheating

When Industrial Humidifiers Are Necessary

Typically, indoor industrial environments are affected by HVAC systems that are used to alleviate either outside weather and ambient conditions or by micro-conditions created in the production area. Running machinery, processes, workers can essentially impact the indoor environment. In summer or with industrial processes that create heat, air conditioning will be added to a working environment but will create a drying condition. Similarly but at other times of the year, in Winter, heat will be added which also dries out an indoor production space.

Industrial humidifier system & controls should manage the process, react to keep conditions consistent while maintaining the Rh set-point.

Whether the condition is caused by heating or air conditioning or another ambient condition, the dryness must be alleviated by adding humidity back into the environment. This is where large, precise industrial humidifiers, like MicroCool’s FOCUS system, come into play. Not only will production problems be solved by the addition of humidity, but the equipment and humidifier system chosen should help to manage the process and keep conditions consistent throughout the space while maintaining a specific set-point. The humidification system is only as good as the controls used.

We apply humidification systems to many industrial production spaces and draw from years of experience. Let us know if we can help.

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