Industrial Facilities: Fog Systems for Dust and Odor Control

Industrial Humidity Control Systems

The industrial workplace is fraught with environmental challenges that impact not only quality of product but also workers’ health and safety.  The financial impact is substantial, as industries struggle to ensure the safety of their workforce, meet regulatory demands, and still be profitable.

Air quality is chiefly impacted by two environmental factors requiring mitigation in most industrial settings: odors and dust.

MicroCool high-pressure fog systems are uniquely engineered to combat these two environmental challenges, and are easily adaptable to virtually any application.  Our fogging technology mitigates both dust and odors in the air, is cost-effective and efficient, and offers precision environmental control, making it an ideal solution.

Odor control

Many industries find that using municipal water in their fogging is sufficient to eliminate odors.  But for other industries, water alone just can’t do the job.  Where this is true, MicroCool foggers deploy a mixture of odor-neutralizing product and water. This mixture is instantly atomized into billions of micron-sized droplets. The water quickly evaporates, leaving the odor-neutralizing product to trap and biodegrade the odor-causing particles.

MicroCool sensors enable you to control when the odor suppression system is activated based on time, air temperature, and wind direction and speed, and our systems will work with a wide variety of chemicals.

We will work with your facility planners to recommend manufacturers whose products are particularly well suited for use with a high-pressure mist system based on your application.

Dust suppression

Dust suppression is another vital aspect of environmental control for many industries.  Dust particles can adversely affect manufacturing and production as well as workers’ health. By monitoring temperature and humidity levels, you can generate conditions optimized to capture and contain dust throughout the building.  

Our fogging systems also come with other specialized options such as frost protection, auto purge, motion sensors and ambient temperature monitors. Our design team will work closely with you to tailor a dust suppression solution specific to your application. 

Our system will ensure that fog is carefully controlled, concentrated where it is needed most, without wetting the surrounding areas—unwanted dampness on work surfaces and floors is a huge safety concern for a lot of industries.

MicroCool puts you in control of onsite dust and odors with powerfully effective, environmentally friendly, high-pressure misting solutions.

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