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Using Humidity Sensors When Applying Commercial Humidification

For commercial production facilities–Factories, Warehouses and Manufacturing Environments–humidity sensors are a must have. They have a special role in effectively recording the relative humidity levels in a commercial or industrial environment where humidity is applied. Typically in Winter, facilities add humidity to a space to solve production problems caused by low relative humidity. Some of the problems encountered include low product quality and consistency or impact on machinery. It can also negatively impact a range of production processes or even raw material degradation from dry conditions caused by heaters and gas-fired furnaces.

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How Humidity Sensors Work

Typical commercial humidification systems found in industry today are: gas-fired, electric or boiler fed steam, high-pressure (above 1000psi) water fog, compressed air mist, and piezoelectric. One thing that these humidification systems have in common is their reliance on accurate humidity sensing and control. An accurate humidity sensor is essential to measure the amount of relative humidity in the air. When you combine the sensor with a humidity controller like our Vector controller, they work together to measure and indicate when the system should turn on to add humidity to the controlled area. Commercial humidifier systems distribute humidity directly within the space or inside a duct or central HVAC system. For commercial systems that depend on precise application of humidity to the environment, an accurate humidity sensor, properly located, is essential to tell the system to produce and release steam, vapor, fog or mist through the distribution network. For commercial systems that depend on precise application of humidity to the environment, an accurate humidity sensor is essential. A properly located sensor will tell the system to produce and release steam, vapor, fog or mist through the distribution network.

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Precision Humidity: Sensor & Controller

The application of ‘precise’ humidity and its level within the environment, like many things in real life, is on a spectrum. Relative humidity is humidity, relative to a specific temperature. Many indoor production environments are trying to maintain temperatures between 68-72°F and 30-60% relative humidity during the Winter months.  During the winter heating season there is a need to humidify the indoor air after it’s warmed up to comfortable levels.  It’s the relative humidity sensors job to determine when the humidification equipment should come on and shut off.  MicroCool’s high pressure humidification systems, have been engineered to maintain a level of humidity +/-3% of the programmed set-point. An accurate humidity sensor, properly calibrated and mounted correctly on the production floor is an integral part of that system. Our most precise system, the FOCUS, has been almost over-designed to control humidity in the trickiest production environments. The Vector humidity controller and paired sensor control the valving inside the humidifiers to provide dripless and accurate in-space humidity control. This high level of control allows the system to instantly release evaporative humidity into the surrounding air. This means that there is very little waste in the application itself and by regulating the release to such a degree, MicroCool systems are also able to manage the humidity set point more effectively when it matters.

Commercial Humidity: Precise & Consistent

For some businesses, regulating humidity levels to that degree is not necessary and does not need to be that precise. For others, it’s absolutely mandatory. We take into account and analyze environmental conditions within the space itself along with the greater outside ambient conditions to design a customized system. Our goal is to provide a system that will meet a humidity set-point without over-wetting, adding precision humidity to demanding environments.

MicroCool Commercial Humidifier System:

Superior Equipment + Expertise

Our humidification systems for commercial and industrial environments produce an evaporative fog that moistens the air without moistening surfaces, an ultra-atomized fog where the droplet size is finer than mist and therefore more easily absorbed into the air. We also work hard to give our customers the highest level of knowledge, experience & expertise, superior equipment to meet their needs along with honest support after the sale.

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