SoHo Hot Yoga Studio Humidification

SoHo Hot Yoga Studio Humidification

(an eco-friendly solution in a high heat environment)

Our FOCUS in-space, immediate humidity system brings a yoga studio room to desired humidity level within 20 minutes. The on-demand system can be turned on/off which is much more difficult for larger traditional systems and can maintain a humidity level over an extended period of time. The industrial quality features no-drip nozzles along with highly capable and flexible UL 508A Listed Control Panel for safety and peace of mind. Eco-friendly features: minimal maintenance not parts (no non-renewable and non-recyclable canisters), extreme energy-efficient system uses energy and water only as needed.

Elegant, minimal look and quiet presence: Our on-demand MicroCool FOCUS Humidity System fits into any hot yoga or fitness studio aesthetic.

“Can’t tell you how proud we are of the system and your quality of work. We can’t wait to build the next project with MicroCool. Your equipment is built for the apocalypse and your work ethic is the ‘Great Americana’ that politicians reference.” – Pete Niva, General Manager, SoHo Yoga Hermosa Beach/DTLA


South Bay Hot Yoga, or SoHo Yoga, focuses on physical, mental, and spiritual self-discovery at their studio located in Los Angeles’ trendy oceanfront community, Hermosa Beach, where ‘hot yoga’ classes are a major focus. Their philosophy centers around yoga postures to ‘ring out’ the internal organs. During hot yoga, when heat and humidity are added to the space, the body’s heart rate increases causing heavy sweating which stimulates the lymphatic system to flush out toxins in the digestive tract and from the skin. Heat also increases both circulation and muscle flexibility, elevating the heart rate and causing the body to work harder to cool itself.

The concept of hot yoga is simple: classes take place in a humidified, super-heated studio. The temperature in the studio is typically raised above 100°F, and the humidity in the room is raised to between 50 and 60%. “(This level of) humidity is the optimum level for the human body’s VO2 uptake, the rate at which you process oxygen,” says founder and General Manager, Pete Niva.

The dilemma: “green” humidification for hot yoga studio

“Typically many yoga studios’ management recommend and use steam humidification,” says Niva. “While steam is a good choice, as there isn’t any cooling effect, it’s more expensive to boil water with electricity than to use high pressure water fog and the canisters used for steam increase your environmental impact.” Many room-focused steam systems employ a canister-based system to create clean steam and although initial costs are low, replacing canisters regularly can get expensive and they can’t be properly recycled. With “green” practices at the core of SoHo Yoga’s business philosophy, steam humidification was not an option. His initial problem was the price he was quoted from competing vendors for a fogging solution at the Hermosa Beach location. The sheer cost began to seem prohibitive-until Niva found MicroCool. When he began building out his second location in Downtown Los Angeles (DTLA), he chose MicroCool once again as the preferred green humidification solution for his studio.


To meet SoHo Yoga’s studio humidification needs, MicroCool proposed and installed a reverse osmosis water treatment system, FOCUS Hummingbird pump module and POD nozzle humidifiers. This solution works for yoga studios because it emits in-space fog, through MicroCool’s unique POD pulsing capability for exact humidification, only as necessary to reach the humidity set-point. The sound impact is minimal allowing yogis uninterrupted focus on their mind-body-spirit practice.


The use of MicroCool’s FOCUS humidification system provided humidity with cooling in the SoHo yoga facility and was less expensive than steam humidification. The quiet, clean, and “eco-friendly” solution was so effective that Mr. Niva installed an identical system in a second location.

Yoga Studio Humidification

Why Is Humidity Important to Hot Yoga?

Hot yoga is a variant or offshoot of traditional yoga. With traditional yoga, you can have sessions pretty much anywhere, from your living room and gym studios to parks, beaches, and rooftops. In contrast, hot yoga requires tight control over the surrounding environment for an elevated yoga experience.

The temperature level in most hot yoga studios is kept between 80°F and 100°F. Bikram yoga takes it a bit further with temperatures set at 105°F. A modern HVAC system can handle this temperature setting with relative ease. However, that is not all needed for hot yoga – the studio should also have a relative humidity set point of around 40%.Humidity ensures that the body temperatures of the participants remains high. With too little humidity, the sweat from all the heat would evaporate quickly, cooling the body. A higher humidity level encourages healthy sweating.

A warmer body is usually more flexible, which makes stretching during advanced yoga poses easier and reduces the risk of injury/strain. With reliable humidity leads and temperature, a hot yoga session can deliver a fantastic workout.

Benefits of Using a Humidifier for Hot Yoga

Despite the name, hot yoga is not solely concerned with higher ambient temperatures inside the hot yoga studio. For the exercise to have a beneficial impact, practitioners stress the importance of humidity as well. In a hot yoga studio, high humidity brings the following benefits:

Reduce Risk of Severe Dehydration

Some hot yoga studios crank up the temperature as high as 100°F. If the air inside the hot room is dry as well, it can give rise to several deeply uncomfortable conditions. Low humidity can increase the rate at which your sweat evaporates, leading to faster dehydration. In longer sessions, this can potentially cause severe dehydration.

Prevent Painful Skin Issues

During a hot yoga session, too much perspiration and low humidity can lead to chapped lips and cracked skin – a very painful condition. You don’t want a yoga session to feel intensely discomfiting. High humidity levels can help reduce the need to frequently moisturize the skin.

Prevent Hair Damage

The skin is not the only thing that is negatively impacted by exposure to dry, hot air. The hair shaft can become weak and the scalp can become inflamed from chronic dryness.

Not having adequate humidification solutions can drive clients away from your business to other hot yoga studios with these facilities.

Factors to Consider When Picking a Hot Yoga Humidifier

Most hot yoga studios combine traditional HVAC systems with a specifically designed precision humidifier system for the optimal yoga environment. The following are some factors to keep in mind:


You cannot cut corners when it comes to insulation in yoga studios. Everything should be covered with an R40 covering of insulation for maximum thermal efficiency. Studios may also want to consider foam spray and an additional layer of Low-E glass.

Humidifier Accessibility

For the optimal hot yoga experience, the humidifying system has to be constantly at work. With heavy loads, the system will require regular maintenance. When coupling it with the HVAC system, care should be taken to leave adequate space in order to have easy accessibility for cleaning and maintenance issues.

Air Filtration

The combination of high heat, high humidity, and lots of sweat is ideal for the growth of bacteria, mold, and other dangerous pathogens. Using cheap air filtration systems to circulate fresh air could end up as a recipe for disaster. A yoga studio needs superior quality protective measures like negative ionizers, UV light arrays, and water filters.

For Proper Humidification, Use MicroCool Yoga Studio Humidifiers

MicroCool is an expert in the arena of industrial cooling, humidification, air quality, and horticulture. We have been serving customers across industries for over 30 years. Our FOCUS line of precise humidity control systems is perfect for yoga studios.

With high-pressure nozzle systems, pump modules with variable feed, and panel display, we offer the latest and greatest in humidifier technology. To learn how MicroCool can benefit your organization, give us a call at 1-800-322-4364 or contact us online.

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