Greenhouses: Transforming Heat Energy Into Evaporative Cooling

Cannabis Greenhouse Humidification Solutions

How Does Evaporative Cooling Work in a Cannabis Greenhouse Environment?

Air inside the greenhouse heats up due to sunlight exposure. Fog is dispersed evenly throughout the house to take advantage of this energy in the form of ambient heat. The energy is used to transform atomized fog into another state (vapor) ultimately resulting in cooler temperatures and higher relative humidity.

Key to Evaporative Fog Cooling: The Science of Dry Air’s Latent Energy

There’s a science behind evaporative fog cooling that highly successful growers understand. Dry air is no longer an unrecognized source of solar energy. We convert the stored energy within the dry air by flash evaporating water fog repeatedly and evenly throughout the greenhouse with low energy input. Greenhouses have a uniform solar heat load and must be cooled in a uniform way to maximize yields and net profits per square foot of canopy space.

Sophisticated Light Deprivation Growers are Deploying High-Pressure Water Fogging Solutions by MicroCool with Game Changing Success. 

If your daytime high temperatures are in the 90s or higher (°F), you must consider a high pressure fogging system. Fog will lower the air temperature 15,20 up to 30 degrees, providing the correct environment and maximizing your production. If you want to maximize your yield and effectively maximize your profits you must consider controlling your environment to the best of your ability. With the prices of finished product becoming more competitive season after season , can you afford to have your crop slow down when the environment is too hot and dry?

Fog Cools a Cannabis Greenhouse Immediately

When outside temperatures rise, the MicroCool high pressure fogging system is activated by the greenhouse controller. This reduces indoor temperature, cooling and raising the humidity within the space immediately.  With proper controls, the application of high pressure fog is the most advanced method to immediately and evenly change the temperature and humidity profile within the grow space. Maintaining and controlling to the desired vapor pressure profile ensures that the crop is maturing optimally.

Lower Cannabis Cultivation Costs: Less Energy Used in Evaporative Fog

When you consider the net energy costs of high pressure water fog it becomes obvious that it’s a proven winner that can be used to create the right environment season after season, pull after pull. The sun’s energy is most effectively utilized for both photosynthesis and evaporative cooling to create the most ideal profile over the entire growing space.

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