Fog Special FX For Mazeland In Jeju, Korea

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In conjunction with Hae Mi Corporation, a MicroCool fog system was installed recently at Mazeland on South Korea’s Jeju Island. Jeju is known as the Hawaii of South Korea with temperate weather, lush environs and many gorgeous beaches.

Jeju, designated a UNESCO World Heritage site for it’s volcanic formations and lava tubes, is located 60 miles from mainland South Korea in the East China Sea.

Mazeland Jeju, Korea Fog
Fog on a path at Mazeland, Jeju Island, Korea


(It had to be said).

One thing foreigners may not know is how much walking and hiking are part of the psyche for South Koreans–and continue to grow as popular weekend pastimes for every age group. Not only is hiking wild places ingrained in Koreans, but it is a great way to burn off stress from the week. Regard for nature and almost obsessive concern for good health lend to this ubiquitous leisure pursuit. South Koreans face stiff competition for everything from pre-schools to jobs, housing to straight up good looks. Hiking in the great outdoors is one way to benefit from ‘forest bathing’ and get away from the urban stressors.

Fog Mazeland Korea
Guests Enjoy Fog at Mazeland–Jeju, Korea

It only makes sense, then, that part of their vacation to Jeju Island would include the opportunity to hike, albeit much of it on a somewhat flat terrain, through the structure of mazes featured at Mazeland. Mazeland offers the island tourist a chance to get away from the hustle and retreat to a slow walking pace through three large mazes. Two of these mazes feature greenery and one is made of stone. Using fog not only helps to cool visitors but keeps dust to a minimum on the path.

Engineering a design utilizing a high pressure system over so many miles is something best left to the expert MicroCool team. In this case we like to think fog adds an attractive and useful element to the overall design and enchanting other-worldly ambiance of the maze itself.

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