Fog: Humidity & Dust Control For Woodworking Facilities

Commercial Dust Control Misting Systems

Fog adds humidity to dry woodworking environments while also controlling dust & debris in the air. A fog system can influence the bottom line by reducing wood distortion, product waste and minimize reworking of finishes caused by issues with drying, curing and attracting fine particles.

What Are The Problems Associated With Low Humidity For Finished Wood Products?

Whether it’s the Winter heating season or an arid geography, low humidity levels negatively affect woodworking shops’ production, product quality, timeframes and consistency. Dry indoor air can cause multiple issues, especially for finished wood products. Shrinking, checking, cupping, warping, dry times and self leveling for finishes, glues and paint are some of the problems encountered with dry air conditions.

Static Can Play A Role In Wood Finishes

Even particulate or dust in the air can affect the quality of finishes. Under dry conditions, static can attract very fine particles to the wood that cause problems for finish processes. Fog can add humidity while also reducing the amount of fine debris in the air.

How Some Humidification Solutions Can Fall Short

Often, facilities will utilize a smaller, compressed air humidifier system in an attempt to add humidity and solve the problem. They quickly find, however, that they are not able to control and adequately provide the amount of humidity needed for the size of the space. To be most effective and consistent, they also need a control system that reacts to the humidity sensor levels. In addition, systems that aren’t properly calibrated and engineered for a production space can cause dripping and use excessive amounts of water and energy.

We were so happy to finally have a solution that will keep up with the demand of a large facility such as ours where the dry air load is extremely high and must be offset with humidity. The system uses a conservative amount of horsepower and considering how much humidity the MicroCool system provides, we have definitely saved money. – Large Washington State Cabinet Maker

Optimizing Relative Humidity Reduces Production Costs

Hardwoods are expensive and the environment for wood-based production needs to be optimized to minimize total costs. Wood reacts to moisture in the air in the immediate atmosphere and must be maintained properly to keep its shape and size. Cabinet makers can save on product waste when they install a system that significantly reduces dust and air particles that were previously attracted to the finishes used in the shop. Minimizing dust along with product and materials waste, and at the same time increasing overall relative humidity levels, can help a wood-products business increase their bottom line and save on labor costs.

Curious how our equipment can be custom configured for your factory? We’re happy to provide a free quote. Utilize our team of experts along with superior equipment to solve your dry air conditions. Keep your machinery online and materials optimized with little waste. Let us help you find a solution.

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