Fog For Cooling: Industrial Condensers

Cool Condensers with fog mist up to 20 degrees

MicroCool provides large fog systems that reduce ambient temperatures for large industrial condensers used across many industries. Details of the equipment are shown in the video. Case study available here describing system used at natural gas compressor station.

When high temperatures hit, make sure your systems stay online and available by utilizing fog around condensers to reduce temperatures in the immediate surrounding areas. Paper on expected temperature reductions here.

Summer 2021: Hot, Hot, Hot

Heat spikes, upward trending and record high temperatures around the globe can be managed with a secondary system for air cooled condensers using fog for cooling. In July 2021, NOAA (US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) released global data(1) on the ten hottest years on record. Of those ten, nine of them were in the last decade (the other in 2005).

Cooling Industrial Condensers: Heat Records

Summer 2021 also saw temperatures around the world reach new, record-setting highs. From the Pacific Northwest’s June Heat Dome(2) to Denver, Colorado’s record high temp breaking a 145 year record. There was Italy recording what many think is the highest temperature on record for the whole of Europe in August 2021 on the island of Sicily caused by an anticyclone known as Lucifer (someone sure has a sense of humor). And then there was Death Valley’s disputable(3) but still possible highest temperature ever recorded on earth of 130ºF on July 9, 2021.

Industrial Condensers: Online & Cool

While interesting and possibly worrisome, through all of the record-setting heat and the hair-splitting of just what constitutes a *record*, in the midst of this the plant operations team still has to keep systems online. Dependable fog systems for very large condenser systems not only can give peace of mind to operators of natural gas compressor stations, geothermal  and other power plants, the right systems can be controlled and automated to react once temperatures reach a certain point so they no longer rely on manual operations.


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1. NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information, State of the Climate: Global Climate Report for July 2021, published online August 2021, retrieved on August 16, 2021 from