Cooling Cannabis Greenhouses: Wet Wall ‘Pad and Fan’ v. High-Pressure Fog

Cannabis Greenhouse Humidification Solutions

Fog: More Consistent Evaporative Cooling & Humidity For Greenhouses Than a ‘Wet Wall’

The large scale of today’s commercial cannabis greenhouses demands consistent cooling. While a “wet wall” is a more traditional method of cooling a short green house, it isn’t enough when trying to maintain adequate growing temperatures consistent throughout the entire length of today’s modern structures. Wet wall cooling is concentrated in the areas closest to the wet wall of the marijuana greenhouse. As the air moves further down the structure away from the wall, it is warmed again by the sun’s heat. The areas furthest from the wet wall will typically be warmer–often too warm for cannabis to grow optimally. Micronized fog is applied every few feet not just at one end. High-pressure fogging works better than evaporative media to cool marijuana greenhouses because it delivers even and consistent reduced temperatures throughout the house. It evenly re-cools the air as it picks up energy from the sun.

Why Pad & Fan ‘Wet wall’ Doesn’t Provide Consistent Cool Temperatures?

Greenhouses designed to specifically grow high quality cannabis strains are much longer and require an even temperature and humidity profile. Traditional pad and fan wet walls can only keep the temperatures down for the first 70-90 feet of a greenhouse before the solar gain reheats the air.

Uneven conditions in the last half of the structures that are equipped with evaporative pads tend to have uneven results. This reality is why some greenhouse manufacturers only specify builds to about 90 feet long and have yet to embrace controlled high-pressure fog as a superior method of reducing temperatures. Evaporative fog can create an even distribution of cooling in bays up to 154 feet long.

Not only does fog cool the greenhouse more effectively, evenly and economically, it also elevates the vapor pressure. This allows the plants to be more productive during the hottest but lowest relative humidity periods of the day–typically at peak periods of photosynthesis.

Quality Cannabis Product Requires Control Over the Growing Environment

High quality cannabis requires adherence to narrow temperature and humidity profiles. MicroCool’s system can be controlled to release fog only when necessary to meet the optimal temperature and humidity profile for each stage of the plant’s development. Apply fog for cooling and humidity as you look to provide the optimal vapor pressure at varying temperatures.

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