Five Crowns: MicroCool Cold Store Solution

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Founded in 1985 and based in California’s heartland, Five Crowns Marketing is a family-based grower, packer, and shipper of fresh fruits and vegetables under their celebrated label, Majesty Brand.  In addition to their own farming operations, Five Crowns also partners with Glori Ann Farms and Bee Sweet Citrus to bring fresh, quality produce to markets all over the U.S.

Company founders, the Colace brothers Vince, Tony, and Joseph Jr., are passionate about their farming and their faith.  “We choose to work ethically and diligently to grow, pack and ship quality product,” the company says in their mission statement.  “We accomplish this through hard work and a commitment to excellence.  We have always been, and will always be, about relationships.”

Crown Cooling

Five Crowns boasts a state-of-art, solar-powered cooling facility called Crown Cooling in Brawley, CA.

Approximately five million cartons of produce pass through the facility every year; everything from asparagus out of Mexico in the winter, to Five Crowns’ own Majesty melons and GloriAnn corn throughout the summer and fall.

The Crown Cooling facility is divided into two separate coolers.  The original cooler was built during the 1920’s and has been added onto and retrofitted over the years since.  The new cooler is a 55,000 square-foot state-of-the-art facility that was completed in the winter of 2013.  The new cooler houses 18 cooling tunnels and a racking system that holds up to 1,360 pallets.

Crown Cooling is also home to a 2.2 mega-watt solar power system, which was added in 2011 and powers roughly 85% of the facility.  Crown Cooling is truly the most efficient and advanced cooling facility in the Southwestern U.S.

The MicroCool Difference

Both of the Crown Cooling coolers boast the latest MicroCool humidification systems, complete with reverse osmosis water treatment.

Maintaining proper humidity levels is crucial in the produce industry.  Because the cooler’s refrigeration system process removes moisture from the air, produce like melons and citrus can lose some of their water volume, resulting in shrinkage.  

As produce is sold by weight, this can result in lost profits for growers.  Using the MicroCool humidification system, Crown Cooling is able to stabilize the humidity levels and maintain the product weight.

MicroCool provided a comprehensive humidification analysis and recommendations for stabilizing the humidity levels at Crown Cooling’s facility.  The first humidification system was installed at Crown Cooling’s facility by MicroCool’s own team of professional factory technicians.  Later, as MicroCool continued to innovate their systems and stand-alone service, Crown Cooling was able to install their second unit entirely on their own.

MicroCool systems are deployed in facilities all over the globe, from cold stores to paper and textiles, print shops, storage facilities, theaters, laboratories, hatcheries and manufacturing.

Need a MicroCool custom-tailored humidification solution for your cold storage facility?

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