Eliminate Cannabis Odors with MicroCool Fog

High-pressure fog systems disperse an odor-neutralizing product that traps airborne odors and biodegrades unpleasant smells.

The pervasive, heavy scent of the cannabis plant during the flowering stage is a concern for every cannabis grower. Municipalities are beginning to pass regulations around noisome odors that can invade a community’s quality of life. This is especially true in cities or counties which have enacted special zones for marijuana grow facilities. Failure to provide an adequate odor control system can generate complaints and potentially escalate into costly environmental fines and penalties.

What are the benefits of using high pressure fog to eliminate odors?

  1. Airborne odors are trapped almost instantly

    The atomized water droplets flash evaporate and release the odor-neutralizing product into the air eliminating lingering odors.

  2. Odors are eliminated (not masked)

    Many available odor neutralizers can be distributed via high-pressure fog, are non-toxic, and provide a safe solution.

  3. Costly environmental fines are avoided

    Failure to provide an adequate odor control system can generate complaints and potentially escalate into costly environmental fines and penalties.

MicroCool’s high pressure fog systems are uniquely suited to provide many benefits for cannabis growers. In addition to providing safe, eco-friendly odor elimination, fog provides the perfect combination of humidity and cooling that optimizes plant growth.


Greenhouse exhaust fans are fitted with a ring of MicroCool nozzles that atomize liquids under high-pressure into billions of micro-fine water droplets (or fog). The MicroCool system injects a highly concentrated (1:1000) mixture of odor-neutralizer into the water fog before dispersing into the air. The droplets’ small size (1/10th the diameter of a human hair) creates more surface area which speeds evaporation, instantly releasing the odor-neutralizing product that traps airborne odors and biodegrades the unpleasant smell.

The complete system includes high-pressure pumps, distribution lines, fog rings and injector(s). One pump unit can accommodate multiple exhaust points and support separate zones as required.

A variety of odor neutralizers are on the market for you to choose from. Contact MicroCool for suggestions.

Why MicroCool?

MicroCool has built a 35+ year track record of building fog systems for use in horticulture greenhouses around the world. High-pressure fog systems maintain constant temperature and humidification levels while integrating with existing climate computers, ventilation systems and other control elements.

Our fog systems have been utilized in a wide variety of odor control applications in industries where noxious odors are an unwelcome by-product. From waste transfer stations to sewage treatment plants, odor elimination is effective and environmentally safe.

MicroCool fog systems are the perfect fit for optimizing cannabis growth while maintaining an odor free grow facility.