The Benefits of Having a Commercial Humidification System

commercial humidification

Humidification systems like a commercial humidification unit are important throughout several industries. They contribute to commercial building and equipment maintenance, proper storage of food and other goods, and the overall indoor environment. Not only can they help keep the air in your commercial space cleaner, safer, and balance the relative humidity level, but they also have many other benefits that you should know about.

The type of commercial humidification unit installed will depend on the size and needs of your business. For example, if you own a small storage facility, it might be best to install a commercial misting humidifier rather than one with a high-volume output, which is better for larger spaces like greenhouses or factories.

Here are some reasons why having commercial humidification units is beneficial:

1) Air quality. Air quality improves dramatically when humidity levels are properly controlled because the mist can capture any dust in the air. Low humidity levels have also been known to cause asthma attacks, chronic coughs, allergies, and can even contribute to the flu virus living longer. If you let your air quality go, you run the risk of your employees and customers getting sick, as well as your equipment and goods being damaged. A commercial humidification unit can help to prevent the spread of viruses, bacteria, and other airborne contaminants in your business. A commercial humidification unit can also help to reduce dust levels, which is great for people with allergies or asthma and any machinery in your space.

2) Reducing static. Static in the wrong place can not only be a problem, it could be deadly. If there is a lot of static in the atmosphere, it could very easily spark an explosion or fire. A person can also be affected by electrostatic discharge (EDS). Commercial humidifiers reduce static electricity by increasing the amount of moisture in the air. By adding more moisture to the air, the chances of static building or affecting machinery, computers, and electricity become dramatically low. This is especially important in commercial or industrial facilities that use a lot of electricity.

3) Climate control. Many commercial and industrial spaces require controlled climates to maintain ideal conditions for products and materials. With a commercial humidification unit, you can create the optimal climate for your commercial space with ease. This is particularly important in commercial spaces that need to maintain humidity levels around 50% or lower, such as food processing facilities and pharmaceutical laboratories, among others.

4) Comfort. It may seem simple, but the comfort of workers in any space should not be overlooked. Productivity increases when people are comfortable at work, as does happiness. Not to mention the health benefits of breathing good quality air. All of these things are good for a business and its employees alike. With a good commercial humidification unit, a business can ensure that employees are comfortable and safe by maintaining the humidity levels in commercial spaces.

5) Scalability. Understandably, not all commercial facilities have to worry about climate control as much as others do. For example, a large office building does not need an air humidifier nearly as much as a manufacturing plant or laboratory would. This is why there are commercial humidifiers and systems designed for different types of spaces with varying needs and requirements. You can get one tailored specifically to your business\’s needs, no matter what kind of facility it may be!

Commercial Humidification Units by MicroCool

A good way to make sure that everyone who works at your company feels safe and secure every day and that your products and equipment are protected is by investing in a commercial humidification unit. These can help ensure that the environment inside any given commercial space stays healthy and safe for all of those who visit or work there.

Commercial humidification units are a great way to improve the overall health, safety, and comfort levels of commercial spaces by balancing out humidity levels that can cause discomfort as well as damage over time. MicroCool offers some of the best commercial humidification unit solutions anywhere on the market today. Let us guide you to the perfect commercial humidification unit for your needs, and get you started ASAP. Contact us here to learn more, or call us at 760-322-111!