Condenser Coil Cooling Systems

MicroCool delivers everything you need in a state-of-the-art industrial humidification system.

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See how our experts do it. We’ve put together a design guideline for humidity systems.

High heat reduces air-cooled condenser efficiency, making equipment work harder to maintain desired temperatures. The MicroCool system uses fog nozzles to cool condenser coils, employing flash evaporation to lower temperatures by up to 20°F (11°C). Industries worldwide rely on our advanced process cooling solutions to maximize energy savings, reliability, and longevity.

How a MicroCool Fogging System for Air Cooled Condensers Works

Standard pump sizes range from 1-25 US gpm (3.78-94.64 L/min) equipped with advanced controls. A custom design that fits your requirements.

Systems are automated for peak demand control ensuring seamless operation and efficiency.

Powerful Results

The “flash evaporation” of water has long been known to drastically reduce air temperatures in hot climates. MicroCool’s water condenser coil process cooling systems meld this age-old principle with the latest technology, achieving dramatic benefits.
  • Higher cooling efficiency —  The cooling potential of one MicroCool nozzle is the equivalent of about one ton of air conditioning!
  • Reduced costs —  Reduced energy consumption and equipment maintenance.
  • You’re in control—  You’re in control— Your systems only run when they are needed, at temperature peaks and when conditions are right for optimal atomization.
  • Water savings —  The MicroCool condenser coil cooling system uses significantly less water compared to spray and pad systems, and a fraction of the water used for cooling towers.
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Cooling Natural Gas Pipeline Stations – A Case Study

MicroCool’s evaporative pre-cooling system optimizes the cooling efficiency of air handling units and condenser systems that struggle to cope with excessive heat and reduced efficiency during hot weather. By utilizing high-pressure fog, the system effectively reduces the ambient air temperature in the immediate surroundings. This enables compressors to operate at optimal production levels and remain online even in scorching weather conditions.
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Conserving Water

A MicroCool adiabatic process cooling system uses significantly less water than spray and pad systems – and a fraction of the water consumed by cooling towers. In addition to saving a precious resource, you save bottom-line dollars.

Temperature and relative humidity sensors help ensure that process cooling applications run only when they’re most effective. Industrial grade controls help determine the operational effectiveness of the cooling system depending on varying climate conditions.

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How MicroCool Does It Better

Energy-saving technology. Fog cooling lowers the ambient temperature of the air entering the condenser which reduces the head pressure. By preventing overloads and keeping condensers running during peak temperatures, processes and computers stay cool. By reducing downtime and excessive usage during high-rate periods, operations can reduce operational costs and increase performance. By using the data provided by MicroCool, you can calculate your ROI and learn how lowering inlet air temperatures will increase efficiency, reduce your operating costs and prevent costly downtime.

Additional MicroCool system technology enhancements include:

  • UV filters —  Eliminate up to 99% of waterborne bacteria
  • Nozzles placed in front of the coils —  Increases efficiency by cooling the air moving over the coil, reducing energy consumption and costly maintenance
  • Water-saving design —  Each nozzle uses less than 1.5 USGPH (6LPH)
  • Continuous control —  Your condenser mist cooling systems operate only when they are the most effective, never wasting water by running outside of their high-efficiency zone.
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Lower Cost From Day One

Reduced energy costs

Designed to conserve electricity, A MicroCool system not only reduces power consumption to stay in lower tariff zones, but you’ll also use 60% less water compared to utilizing sprinklers and hoses for immediate cooling of condenser coils during periods of high demand.

Review an independent study, commissioned by Southern California Edison which validates the energy usage achieved by evaporative fogging. 

Extended equipment life

Don’t replace – refresh! MicroCool’s pre-cooling air conditioning equipment is often used to increase the performance of older, “tired” condensers—an alternative to installing replacement or extra cooling units. Cooler running means less strain, better performance, reduced maintenance and repair costs, and longer life, with fewer or zero “high head” incidents.

Lean and green

MicroCool’s condenser mist cooling systems use the latest control technology to optimize energy regain and improve cooling. Your systems won’t waste water by running outside of their high-efficiency zone. Furthermore, environmental sensors maintain constant monitoring of ambient conditions, promptly triggering additional cooling when required to ensure peace of mind for equipment operators. 


Less Maintenance

MicroCool’s water condenser coil cooling systems are the optimal evaporative cooling solution for many different cooling-related processes, including: 

  • Air-cooled condenser coils for air conditioning units
  • Air-cooled refrigeration units and coolers for cold storage
  • Air-cooled heat exchangers and LNG applications
  • Geothermal cooling processes and air-cooled industrial chillers
  • Data storage and Colocation Center Cooling
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